Who's interested in getting a kiln for the shop?

@garrett found a kiln at an auction and brought up the possibility of having one. The cool thing about Synergy Mill is if the community wants to get a new piece of equipment we’ll pool our resources to make it happen.

So the big question is, Who’s interested in getting a kiln for the shop? Speak up, we need to hear from you.

Which leads to some clarifying followup questions.
What kind of projects do you want to do using a kiln?
What kind of kiln would be appropriate for those projects? Temperature? Size? Power requirements?
Can we teach a class using the kiln to help pay for it? (ideally, yes.)

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Yes! I am very interested! I hope to be getting a SLA/SLS 3D printer in the near future for almost the sole purpose of printing ceramics, that then need to be fired in a Kiln.

intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVKwl4E9i80

Tech sheets: https://formlabs.com/media/upload/ceramic-user-guide.pdf

I will need the kiln to get upto 1300 C. Does this kiln have a nice temp control, or is it just on off?