This is really getting to be too much

I’ve spent the last two weeks being sick, but anyway I still cannot get this printer to level. I’m about to post on the ads section so anyone who wants to come over here and help me get this thing actually leveled will be compensated. Everytime I try it’s either too low, or too high, and it is BEYOND sensitive. I cleaned it, it’s all but spotless now, and I just hit the sweet spot and now it’s extruding lines that don’t stick.

It’s very frustrating. Tempted to just sell this off, now that it works, and take my profits and go buy a printer that automatically levels. I’m pretty sick of having this leveling thing get in the way of me doing what I want to do because it’s been almost a year now where I just sit and wait for the day where luck is on my side and it finally prints.

Dude, just bring it in… I’ll help you level it.

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I can level it now. Rebuikding a Anet A8 from basically scratch, and I have another printer.

I got both for free. Gonna bring them in soon. Might end up leaving one of them there tbh.