Space Hamsters

Lets get a Hamster from Greenville to like really high in the sky, and get it back. Alive.

@joeyloman has always talked about doing a weather balloon thing…

LOL, that sounds like a challenge. How about a robot hamster that pilots a craft? Might be less bloody and will get us some positive publicity in the newspaper.

@Snah_Reiamnedlaw first off… why.

Secondly that would require atmosphere regulations within the vessel it was in. Plus if you’re talking about putting it out of our planets atmosphere it would need umm… jet propulsion…

Which is expensive and maybe-sorta-kinda illegal to do without heavy regulations/laws/licenses.

Also I do not think anyone wants to deal with PETA mobs.

BUT what we could do is build a hamster enclosure that is space themed… I’ve always wanted to build an elaborate rodent enclosure and/or rack system.

In the words of President Kennedy regarding the space program, “We don’t do these things because they are easy, we do them because they are hard.”

I may suggest that we select an edible test subject in case we need to have a BBQ. Squirrel, rabbit, young cornish hens, for example.

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So what you’re saying is that I should get to work on this asap, and you’re uncomfortable with eating hamster. :hamster: :plate_with_cutlery:

For the record these emojis are ironic, and no, I do not take pride in their use.

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Rabbit or Squirrel would be fun too. They are a bit larger than a hamster though.

But yeah, we will need a pressure vessel with air exchange to keep the lil-guy alive. maybe even a test run with a robot?

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What’s that stuff joey is always saying about safety? Sqirulls are used to operating under pressure.