Next steps for black smithing

I have kaowool for the forge and 6 ft of railroad track to use as anvils.

We need to discuss forge designs.

And work out othe details so we can start black smithing

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@GrayCountertop @brandward123

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Alright how you wanna do this? I’m off for the next two days off I can meet up with you and draw out some designs and discuss things. Lemme know the budget for the whole project and I’ll probably be willing to throw some cash into it as well. I’ll go home tonight and do lots of metalworking research, just tell me the parameters of what you’re going after.

I know how to make a forge we jsut need forge cement and a burner which we can make. I have a piece of rail road track which I was gonna mill flat I have a black smithing hammer. We would need a set of tongs but I could make more jsut need one pair to get going. We would need a anvil stand a forge stand. Anvil stand needs to be big and heavy once we get a forge and anvil set up you can pretty much make the rest of what you need. I’m estimating abt 40 for the forge and maybe 30 for the anvil stand and 20 for the tongs I’m estimating about 100$ but we could always hit some hiccups I also have a friend which owns creative iron works we might be able to talk to him and buy some tongs and bigger hammers off him for a good price. I’m good for 50-60 bucks. I’ll be at synergy around 3:30 tmr we can talk more then.

I’ve seen forges built out of old propane tanks or helium tanks those work good and a propane burner is relatively easy to make

Did you guys meet up to chat about this?

What designs should we consider as choices?

We haven’t yet hoping to talk tonight

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I will be there tonight

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This is awesome, are you guys still working on this?

Yes we are. I have just been busy and haven’t had time

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Hey guys I’ve got a ton of material on forge building/blacksmithing if you want it. I’ve also got some blacksmithing tools I’d be willing to share if you guys want to tinker some time!

Also there is a massive blacksmithing meet-up/conference starting today if any of you

want to come with me down to Madison!

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We would love any tools. Unfortunately I’m out of town until tomorrow morning for the blacksmith meet

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No worries it happens every year so I’ll let you guys know! Just give me a holler when you are working on the forge next!

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