New Floorplan layout discussion

You’ve probably been in the new section of the workshop. We are in the process of changing the layout of the makerspace and I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for what is important to you in the space.
Post your comments here, in the Facebook forum, email me directly, or just simply talk to me when you see me.
We are committed to making Synergy Mill better in a way to benefit the community. Thanks for helping us out!

Not so much a floor plan thing as a potential longer-term improvement.

Having a retractable power cord that could reach outside would be nice. Or, maybe an outlet outside so wires aren’t run through the door.


Do you still have those wire reels or has the window closed on those?

Those are long gone. They weren’t really going to be a great high-volume shop model.

Given what I’ve heard of how some folks roll, I’m guessing a heavy duty reel would be needed if any were installed. 12 awg minimum, but if there’s a building code on these things it might require 10 awg because that’s what they installed in OpenWorks and we’re not running tools.

A lot of these also have triple taps so it would be worth considering units with a single outlet to avoid two people running a table saw and a mig off it and not realizing they are pulling 25 amps.

I tried one of the 65’ version of
and it wouldn’t stay locked consistently so I’d steer away from it and the 40’ version.

I ended up with
in my garage mostly for the length to run the leaf blower all the way to the street. Not cheap at all, but some of these reels go in the $500-$1000 range for reasons I can’t fathom beyond building regulations making certain specs required.

Might be possible OW can help with it but we don’t have $300 burning a hole in the pocket right now so might be a 2020 thing.