My mom's dog needs a wheelchair. So I need my printer to work

Copy-pasting my post from another fourm onto here. Maybe ya’ll can help.

Just found out my mom’s dog needs a wheelchair so this thing needing to print just moved up from “eh” to "Maybe this dog should get the last few months of it’s life ya know, worthy.

She’s got arthritis in her back and I didn’t know it was this bad until I saw her in the floor dragging herself around. Really sad day. Anywho I can fix this with two spools, my printer, and some sort of sling to hold her back half.

Only issue is, my printer is having bed issues.

Having issues getting it leveled and once I do the filiment doesn’t stick well. Like we’re talking it needs to be dead accurate bc I can’t physically turn it that little of an amount. I have it as level as it’s ever been, and it’s printed before, just it won’t print now that I’ve moved it. I cleaned the bed off with 91% alchocol like the dude I bought it from told me to, and moved it to my house. It was printing in my makerspace when someone else did the G-Code from cura from just putting in the size of the printer. It printed a benchy in the middle of the board.

Well I need the full bed area for this, as I do not have pipes and would like to print some larger things as well.

It’s as level as I’ve ever gotten it, aside from at the makerspace, but now it won’t stick to the bed. Unsure if it’s because of printing on the sides or what. I was told to use painters tape, which I have, but I’m scared that I will mess up my bed or waste the cool bed I have on it, I also do not want to have to re-level the bed every time I pull the tape off in removing a print.

I have a very shitty filament in it at the moment. I’m printing PLA at temps 200 for nozzle and 60 for bed. I’ve watched the videos and read the posts, nothing has helped. I’ve even posted about paying someone to upgrade/modify my printer for me so that it automatically tells me about bed leveling whatnot because I can only guess that I am leveling it wrong, or maybe it’s the g-code I’m getting (I imported the profiles from the slicer it came with like a wiki I found said to do) but nothing is working for me.

I really need this to work because this dog is very old. I’m getting my mother to send me pictures now but she’s about the size of the build plate. Meaning the wheelchair frame should print in all one go as well as wheels in a second run. Maybe three depending on wheel size. This is a perfect project to get me started and a perfect introduction to my family about what exactly it is that I’m doing.

I just want to help this dog and not mess my printer up. Should I change filament to the hatchbox first, or can I continue to use the cheap stuff for testing purposes, I don’t want to waste the one spool that I have now that I have an actual project that needs to be done. How should I go about leveling the bed with/without tape to combat my current issues. At the moment I’m leveling it for 0.30 on my feeler gauge as anything lower was causing the nozzle to skim the bottom and the filiment would go everywhere. Maybe it was just me and my leveling, maybe I should go smaller so it actually sticks. Unsure, will try back in the morning tho as I have been up for quite a bit at the time of writing this and do not want to mess with anything of monetary value.

Also, Hatchbox Orange PLA would stand up for this project no? Do I need to buy ABS for something like this? The dog would not be going outside and depending on how much success I get with this project she may/may not be using it 24/7. She’s very old I have other projects waiting for that need PLA and she isn’t very active so I would think that setting this whole thing back up with ABS would be wasteful unless she needs ABS in her wheelchair.

TLDR - Dog has arthritis, need help on leveling the bed of my printer, what materials to use, how to get them to adhese, weather or not to use painters tape or some other method to get it to stick, and what exactly I’m doing wrong with my feeler gauge or the GCode because It’s printed a very good benchy before on the center plate, but now that I need the whole plate for the wheelchair nothing is sticking to it. Please help.

Also my going offer of paying someone to modify this thing for auto leveling still stands.

It would really be grand if someone local can come over and tell me what exactly I’m doing wrong, I’ll pay u and buy u food, only issue is that I cannot drive atm. I have painters tape, a feeler gauge, this printer, which has printed before, and a freash spool of Hatchbox PLA Orange. We should be able to get it printing in a few hours. I think I just need someone looking over me to tell me what I’m doing wrong, and then my mom’s dog can be on her way to not dragging the lower half of her body around the house. It’s depressing.