Make my 3D printer actually print and I'll pay you

Short Description: Make my JA Aurora print and teach me what I’m doing wrong.
Proposed Price: 20+ dollary doos
Long Description:

What can I say. I’m at the point where I want to throw this thing, and I feel like just having someone over here to hands-on teach me what it is that’s up with this thing would be helpful. This also includes walking me through setting up the cura profile and whatever else.

I’ll give you $20 and buy you lunch somewhere that’s close and affordable.

I have the printer, another spool of Hatchbox PLA, Painters tape that I don’t want to use because the bed is supposed to not need it,an extra long feeler gauge and about three to five million feet of anger about how long this has taken me.

Comment here and/or PM me and I’ll send you my personal number we can talk from there.

Also if there’s anyone looking to get rid of a printer that automatically levels let me know.

Bonus cash if you want to help me update the LCD+Board firmware to the community versions. Really looking at adding a sensor of some sort to it as well, but I’m more inclined to just buy another printer.

I’ve made a thread on the unoffical forums asking for someone who I can pay to modify this printer.

Maybe I can do this myself, but considering I can’t drive, or print things… It’ll be a difficult task none the less. If not impossible.

can you come by on Wednesday? I will be in the space, and we have guests from a local 3D scanning company that might have suggestions too (plus I bet you have something interesting to scan)

I can’t no car. And it has to be leveled for the thing its sitting on. In this case my floor.

I’d love to come wensdays or at all but until I get transportation there isn’t much I can do.