Laser Documentation and Question About 3D Scanning

Is there a logical place for reminding folks they can read and help edit/Wikipedia-style the laser documentation?

Also, I was thinking that I can’t find/buy a plastic breaker panel cover for a used trailer I’m selling for a friend. I think I can get a cover off another trailer and I was wondering if the 3D scanning tools are something that’s occasionally available? And/or if there’s an upcoming class with 3D scanning then could I buy food for the event in exchange for scanning and printing my example?


We can probably create a specific category for laser related topics, and pin a post with that info to the top if that’d make sense.

We are having a 3D scanning night coming up in March. @andrewbougie could speak more to helping you with a specific scanning task, but IIRC Digitize Designs current rate for scanning is $150/hr. :money_with_wings:

Thanks. Turns out I don’t have a breaker cover to scan so that idea is bust.