Kitchen key holder and shelf


It took a bunch of iteration, but it’s almost finished!!

Started with 3D mockup in openscad:

And the top was hand drawn from a photo in inkscape:

After a few versions had issues on the CNC mill, I changed the font for the top:


I tried a few different hooks, but I ended up liking this one the best


I 3D printed the hooks, and the remaining parts I exported from openscad. I used the laser to cut 1/8 mdf stock for the slats, sides, and bottom.

Fusion 360 couldn’t find the narrow channel for the base to fit into, so thanks to @garrett for remodeling it in fusion. For bigger things, I think the machining paths would probably be able to handle it ok.

I used the CNC to finish the back panel once we had a good cut path in fusion.

There were a few false starts, for example, I tried doing it without the channels for the sides and bottom, but it was very hard to clamp and glue together. The Channels for the mdf made it very easy.

Then it was time for some paint:


And the final install!