I seriously feel like crying

Without going into a long emotional rant. This is a big success for me and when I finally hold the finished product in my hands and really clip it onto the mouse pad. I think I might actually shed real man tears.

Anyway, for now, here’s a picture of V1 of my mousepad frame model.

Note, I did steal the font from the internet, and those people stole it from Minecraft, so it’s not %100 mine but it’s 1:30 am so I’m calling it done for the night. Will probably show up to print it out tomorrow, however, I might wait so I can order some of my own filament as I have lost all of the 15 or so spools I did have.

I still need to work out a way to actually put the mouse pad into it, might just print it as-is and fenagle the pad into the grooves, but for now, this model is better than the electrical tape that is now holding it together.

And no, I will not “just buy a new mousepad” I’ve grown quite attached to this one. It may or may not be Webkinz themed.

that looks awesome, keep us posted with pics of the final result!

I will. Mainly it’s just so much “ugh I need to quit” feelings and then the final “I’m glad I didn’t quit” feeling was really rewarding.

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