Help with installing HDMI port on PS4

Short description: needing help putting in new HDMI port in my PlayStation 4
Proposed price: can discuss if you are interested in helping
Long description: HDMI port in my PlayStation 4 has went bad. Needing someone who knows how to put a new one in to help me out. I will purchase the new HDMI port and will pay you if you can do this for me. Thank you

@Current_Members is anyone able to help with this?

Are you able to open it up and take close up pictures of the broken port?

When any part of the port itself physically detaches it can sometimes tear pad from the PCB. If that’s what happened then trying to fix it would be impractical. If the pads are still in tact then it’s salvageable. I’d need to see it though to know what to do.

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