Guess who can 3D print now?

This guy.

After taking the entire printer apart p much, and all but setting it on fire (Still no clue how this happened) it now prints with updated firmware.

And I learned a lot.

Probably going to do a BL Touch upgrade and mount a Pi with Octo print up in there… For now my computer just gave out… Anyone selling a PC lol?

Gonna hopefully be able to use another computer to maybe print out this wheelchair and a few more things. Unsure if the dog needs it honestly. She’s better somedays and then other days she’s actually dragging herself around.

Anywho, I can print actual plastic things out of my actual printer in my actual home and I’m not even upset that I might have to spend well over a K to replace this PC… So there’s that.


@GrayCountertop I have a refurbished Dell Vostro 260s w/ and i3 2130, 4GB RAM, 320 hard drive, activated Windows 10 Pro.

I’d sell it for $50 if you’re serious.

Similar to this recent eBay sale.

I’ll take it if it’s still available, is it a laptop? I’ll google some more but I’m interested either way.

It’s a small desktop.

I’ll probably grab it even though I don’t have a use for it. I’ll let you know when I have the money together.

If you want, since I don’t have a use for it, maybe we could work something out to where it just stays at the maker space for 3D modeling or something. I think it’s more powerful than what’s currently there and I’m really just trying to grow the space more.

That’s what I would use the laptop for anyway, except I’d take it home, and by home I mean it would never leave my car. Space seems crowded as is, idk, it’s an idea.