Growing veggies in space project

If you wanted to get more info on the maker project to create a garden growing device for space travel, here’s some info to head that direction. We’d love to have some folk give it a shot.

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Good morning, makers!

We were very happy to have so many of you in attendance at our webinar last Wednesday! We were asked some great questions, and we hope you all left even more motivated to tackle this challenge. If you missed that webinar, or would like to review or share it with others, a recording can be found here or on our contest overview page under Webinars.

We will have another webinar on July 24th from 4 to 5 PM EDT on Zoom to address any additional questions from participants in the contest. We’ll be joined for that webinar by Ralph Fritsche, whom you may recognize from the video posted at the top of our contest overview page. Connection details will be sent in the days leading up to the webinar.

If you and your local makerspace plan to run a make-a-thon surrounding our contest, please sign up here so your event can represent NASA and Fairchild with official NASA schwag and an Active Research Site poster. Don’t forget to share your progress on social media using #SPACEgarden, and follow us on Twitter @GrowBeyondEarth.

Shoot for the moon!

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