Growing food in Space contest

For those who may be interested in the growing food in space contest, here’s some info.

Good afternoon, makers!

We are coming up on our high school oriented webinar this Wednesday, September 25th at 4PM ET on Zoom! This webinar is intended to be a primer and overview of the contest and broader initiative to familiarize new interested teams and classrooms with the resources, challenge, and goal of the project. If you are connected with local high school classrooms interested in botanic science, engineering, design thinking, space exploration, or team-building projects in general, we hope you’ll share this with them to incite their interest in the Growing Beyond Earth project and the Maker Contest!

This past Thursday, September 19th, MakeHaven of New Haven, CT hosted the first of their series of events pertaining to this contest, inspiring a number of teams to rapidly brainstorm designs as a jumping-off point for further development in the coming months. They’ve offered to share some of their resources, which we will be posting to the Resources section on the contest overview web page.
If you’ve run an event for this contest, or have made strides in the development of your own design, share it on social media with #SPACEgarden and #GrowingBeyondEarth to let us know!

This Wednesday’s webinar will be hosted on Zoom through the connection below, and will be recorded and posted to our contest overview page afterwards for anyone who missed or would like to see it again.

Click this link to join
Dial: +1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 305 978 5074

Best of luck as you move forward!

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Intresting, I’m chasing a hydroponics project and I really wish I had the time to do this : /

It certainly does sound interesting. Pass the word along if you know anyone who might be intrigued.