Fusion 360 tutoring?

I’m looking for a tutor to help teach me fusion360.

I know quite a bit from youtube tutorials, but they’re all using older renditions of the program and/or don’t allow me to spam them with questions.

If anyone would be down to eat through 72 million fusion 360 questions and/or walk me through a few hands on type projects in the program I would be very appreciative. Now that I (somewhat) have access to working 3D printers (as well as I’m going to be trying to get my ANET back, hopefully in working condition or make it so in the shop areas) I am going to really be trying to work on learning fusion360 again.

I’m really only intrested in the actual 3D modeling portions but am in no way against learning (anything at all really) about the other various features of the software. Such as the CAM modes, the animation or anything else of the sort.

I plan on buying things like Simplify 3D and a license for the program eventually so I would like to get the most out of the free portions that I can.

I also would like to learn fusion better.

The guys down the hall at Digitize Designs are pretty keen with it. Bo and Andrew should be able to give you some pointers. They will also be doing a scanning demo soon.

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Yeah but I work during that scanning session (I heard it’s on wensday) and I feel as if just approching them about it isn’t the best idea.

Also if I ever get my Keneict back I’ll be able to make it into a 3D scanner.

Do you know how to code at all? I use OpenSCAD, which is code based and free. I would be more than happy to help you with OpenScad. Also, Doug and I have been talking about me teaching a robotic design series of courses which will probably be based on OpenScad for CAD work.

Also one of the coolest things about openscad is that if you go onto thingiverse, often in the files of a given project there is a .scad file, with that .scad file (which is an openscad file) you can easily edit and customize the thingiverse thing. When there is a openscad file in the thingiverse project, the creator often has fields for easy tweeking and customization.

I am in linux land and Fusion 360 is not linux friendly (assholes).

Even with wine? I heard valve took it over. It’s not just for gaming it can run programs as well (I think)