Designing a Dry box and dehydrator for our 3D printers

I have been thinking about this for a bit and have explored ideas online for how to keep filament in good condition. I just wanted to document my thoughts here and see how it goes. IF you see this and have ideas or input let me know. I hope to make decisions and purchase in a couple weeks.

  • Goals
    • At least 1 Drying only box
    • 2 Dry and Feed boxes
    • 2+ Storage Bags

I don’t want to inundate the shop with stuff but there are often 2 printers used regularly and we should have two feed boxes. And someone might want to prep another roll for the future. And with a few storage bags we can easily keep stuff ready. Also it feels like the 3d printers will never hit their peak performance if our filament is always open air in the shop.

  • Drying Methods
    • Dehydrator | :heavy_dollar_sign:40+ |:zap:300W+ | :thermometer:±32-65C
    • Lizard Mat | :heavy_dollar_sign:10 | :zap:7W | :thermometer:+10C
    • Silica Beads | :heavy_dollar_sign:17 | :zap:0W | :thermometer:0

My gut says to use silica beads and the lizard mat. If you setup the dry mat and silica properly you might be able to use the mat to dehydrate the beads in an empty box for reuse. Then we can add as much or little silica to our storage bags. A whole dehydrator is asking for cost and challenging modification. I really want to keep number of tools for this as low as possible. So if using silica I want a dry box to also act as a dehydrator for the silica when empty.

:white_large_square: Look for more options
:white_large_square: Learn more about dehydrating silica and see if low temps can still work, or if oven wholly acceptable

  • Storage
    • Box min dimensions:
    • Bag min dimensions:

I need to research more about what kind of bags are good for long term storage and still cheap or reused. For efficient space consumption finding perfect fitting tupperware boxes would be ideal, but its likely buying more plastic. I would rather hope to find used or unwanted plastic tubs for this. Will have to look around the shop and ask around.

:white_large_square: Keep researching storage solutions

  • Feed Box
    • only hold one filiment
    • long enough tube to work for any printer we have
    • small enough to fit in easily

plenty of tutorials with links to the hardware to create a good feed line coming out of a box so won’t be hard to get rolling on. But I think since a feed box can also be a dry box I should start with this and see how it goes.



Anyway, Just wanna see if the forum format helps me work on the ideas I have for the space.