Brake Line Bleeding

I’m going to flush / exchange the brake fluid on my Chrysler 300M.

I’m figuring I’ll buy a decent vacuum bleeder, but thought to ask if anybody wanted to offer their own bleeder in exchange for a pack of beer and camaraderie at an upcoming hack night.

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Hi Jim,

Did you get this job done? If no, I can help out. I have an indoor space (warehouse) where we can work and floor jacks and a brake bleeder bottle. I don’t have a vacuum bleeder, but I do have a pressurized bleeder that mates with the brake fluid reservoir on German cars.

Rather than beer… I’d love it if you could return the favor in the future and help me lift the hood off of my 1934 Ford.

Thanks so much!

Pat Varley
feel free to txt me at 970-744-0393

Thanks. I ended up doing it with an Irwin Quick-Grip clamp and a lot of walking back and forth.

Cool, glad you got it done. Ever try speed bleeders? I used to use these on my racecar. You just connect inexpensive catch bottle, open the bleeders and pump the brakes. One corner at a time. Slashes bleeding time.

Speed Bleeder on Amazon

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