Anodizing Aluminum - Looks pretty easy

Now I have to figure out a project to try it out on :grin:

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I’ve done a tooooon of anodizing,and it is easy! Didn’t read the article, by my TL;DR

  1. Hydrochloric Acid- sold as battery acid in hardware stores
    2)Car charger with a lead strip
  2. Liquid RIT brand dye
  3. Stove/hotplate

Add water/hcl to plastic bucket, + to aluminum part, - to lead strip, let the anodizing begin! Part turns a gray color.

During this process- heat up a pot of water + dye on a stove/hotplate. When ready, move the aluminum part from the anodizing bath to the hot dye solution. The heat is what causes the the pores of the aluminum to constrict thus sealing the color.

Lastly, drink a beer.

Probably close to what the article said, but it really is that easy!

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