Advice on modifying bike trailer hitch

This hitch is just a little too big in diameter on the end, and we’ve ended up with two of them. Any ideas on the best way to shave a bit off?

@garrett or @JimD maybe?

Interesting. I presume it is steel? I presume the end is a non-precision but close clearance hand fit into a mating tube part?

How much is it “a little too big in diameter on the end”?

If “a little” is really just a little (like say .010" on the diameter) then clamp it in a bench vice and attack it all around with a larger/coarser metal file. It would look rough (depending on your hand skills) and you would take off the black coating/paint, but with trial-and-error it could be made to fit. The unprotected end would likely be hidden in the mating part and would likely rust if left uncoated outdoors. It could be difficult to coat as repeated close clearance hand fits would likely scratch off most coatings/paints.

If “a little” is a bit more, the shaft end could be lathe turned, except the welded angle tab makes the part hard to chuck. You might be able to hold it in a 4-jaw chuck, but it would be difficult to center, and likely be a dicey setup.

Depending on your full complement of metal working skills, you could go overboard and cut off and lathe the shaft piece (either turned down or remade new) and weld it back to the bracket. But, that seems a bit more trouble than it is worth to me.

Another way to look at it may be to think to enlarge the mating part to fit instead, if that would make sense.

What about taking it back to the store and complaining to get a working replacement?

Just some random thoughts for consideration…