3D print job

Short description: Glue Holder
Proposed price: open
Long description: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2117162?fbclid=IwAR1qL1Y2OfDWq8BsEpONgGE1oC_2czfYdnPnOtXcrAIwsNQaewaZZfBgoYw

Anyone who does 3D printing look at this link from Thingiverse and tell me what youd charge to print this.

@Snah_Reiamnedlaw or @garrett might be able to help

I am likely your guy. Email me: [email protected] or call 864 630 3616 - it would probably be faster to call…

Hard to just say how much it would cost, it depends on what you need exactly. Material requirements, color, strength, etc. But looking at the file, it will take like 12 hrs to print, and normally the price I charge for my printers (not the free synergy mill printers) is by the hour and proximity to deadline.

Also, is that exactly what you want? I would be more than happy to edit the file to make it exactly what you need… but if you catch me on Wed nights during open hack night at synergy mill, and I am not doing something else, I might be able to edit the file for free… then show you how to set up the free Synergy Mill printers (if available) for free… you just have to find some filament ( and there are old spools of filament laying around the free printers).

So… if you catch me or someone else who knows how to use the printers on wed nights you might be able to make it for free (although I would highly suggest putting a couple of bucks in the beer jar). But if you just want it done (I could have it ready within 24 hours) then get in touch with me for pricing and such. 864 630 3616 - Hans